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Property Managers, team up with your tenants!

AirEasy offers a unique furnace filter program for property managers that solves the age-old problem of getting tenants to change their filters. We ship the exact size and quantity of filters that need to be changed directly to the tenants front door with simple installation instructions. 

AirEasy brings value to the tenant, the homeowner and the property manager. Contact us to learn more

Realtors, give ‘em something to remember you by!

So, you helped your clients find their dream home. You put in the hours, you scoured the neighborhoods, you toured and toured and toured. But…what happens next? After the sale? Will they remember you? Refer you? Call you first when they need a new dream home?

They will if you hook them up with an AirEasy filter subscription plan. Give the closing gift that keeps on giving! It’s a useful gift too, not like a basket of weird bread and dead flowers. Contact us to learn more